magical and revolutionary

i had a little computer mishap and got to sit on the phone with apple and while waiting to speak with a tech got to hear a recording tell me repeatedly how “magical and revolutionary” the new ipad is.  and then i got an appointment at the apple store and again was told over and over through signs and screens how “magical and revolutionary” this new device was going to be.

well, if apple can slap on such hyperbolic descriptions to what seems to be just a rather large ipod/touch, then i’ll tell you what has been magical and revolutionary in our world.

:: the filet mignon i had the other night.  omar and i made our way to a restaurant the other night, and even though the waiter tried to convey with urgency my need to order one of the few remaining specials of the night (a 25! oz! prime rib! who eats that??!!), i passed and opted for the filet.  my heavens it was good.  and was itself large enough for a good leftover meal last night.

:: my photos with this lens.  well, they would be magical and revolutionary if i had it.  a gift to celebrate my 30th birthday next month?  a gift to celebrate giving birth to a third baby?  both very good reasons.

:: parking set aside for pregnant women at the grocery store.  it’s a beautiful thing.  and don’t think i won’t come up to you and point out the sign if you choose to park there and are not, in fact, pregnant.

:: apple.  i can dish out the snarky remarks about the ipad along with everyone else, but there is indeed something borderline magical and revolutionary about a company that will take your banged up computer and within a couple of hours have it back in your hands like nothing ever happened.  i remember having an issue with our old toshiba years ago and it took them days just to tell us what needed to be fixed.  days.


5 thoughts on “magical and revolutionary

  1. kate. i’m SO with you on the pregnant lady parking…and on Apple’s customer service. it’s hard to explain the benefits of purchasing an apple computer without sounding like a fanatic.

    we purchased our first apple laptop when i thought i’d be doing a lot of CD design work from home (kid #1 was in utero). after finishing the first wave of design and realizing that i couldn’t focus to save my life, i was just thankful for the reliability and new apps being developed to make organizing easier than it is for me.

    blah blah. we’ve had 2 subsequent laptops and each were treated like gold by apple service. LOVE LOVE LOVE apple and will not buy another non-apple product, if the service stays the same. fantastic!!

    ps: wish i could have you over for a glass of malbec post-baby-birthin’. fun to follow ya’ll along your journey.

  2. Kate,
    I am so curious about this lens. Do you have an example of a photo shot with this lens (or a link)? I can’t visualize how it works in terms of it shooting like a normal eye would (as the description on the website states).

    Also, we went down to my parents last weekend, and alas, I was wiped out by the end with no energy to swing over to the east coast. So sad to miss a date with you guys. Would love to make it happen…one day. Oh, and one more thing…thanks for the miele suggestion. I’ve had it on my brain since you mentioned it, but if I had the money I think I’d rather improve my camera gear and leave the floors a wee bit dusty here and there. 🙂

  3. caron – i love your apple passion. i would love that glass of malbec and some good hangout time…someday??

    alina – the lens is supposed to be great in low light and is quite fast. here is a link to a flickr set a guy did with this lens. there are several flickr sets you can search for with this lens but i like this guy’s set overall to get a sense of the lens. it’s a wide angle lens and the price and reviews of it are pretty great.

    this next link is kind of random but i found it while searching for some specific question i had about the lens. it ended up having a good visual diagram on wide angle lenses. scroll down to the section that says, “what makes a lens wide angle or telephoto?”

    i agree – leave the floors dusty and get some camera gear;) though the cuban mop i mentioned costs only pennies and is a pretty good alternative.

  4. Thanks for the explanation and links. It’s always hard for me to understand camera science. More often than not, I understand things better in person. I need a chalk board, a simple diagram, a teacher, and a lot of patience. Maybe I’ll try you-tubing some videos to teach me? (lightbulb moment!) 🙂

    As for the Cuban mop, I have to tell you I grew up in a home where a Cuban mop was used…or should I say used and then left in a dirty bucket of water for days on end. As a result, silly as it sounds, I developed a serious aversion to sticking my hands into mop water to wring out the cloth. (who knows what lurks in there???) Swiffer wetjet restored my ability to mop. Lazy and costly but at least I mop again.

  5. I agree that steak is good, wide angle lenses are fantastic!, and pregnant lady parking is good for people who are in fact pregnant. I had a friend who was newly pregnant got chewed out by someone who assumed she wasn’t. It should say something like, For pregnant ladies who look pregnant and waddle. That would clear up any mishaps.

    Oh, and Apple. A great company with the highest rated customer service in the computer industry, but the computers are so dang expensive. We opted for a Gateway at a quarter of the price and I figure if it breaks, I can just pitch it and buy a new one. 🙂

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