our dishtowels will be six years old in july, and they’re starting to look like it. worn and spotty.  not exactly nice looking hanging from the oven door.

so i walked into anthropologie and quickly discovered that some people are willing to pay 24 dollars for one dishtowel.  one.  i am obviously not some people (as i am also not someone who pays 98 dollars for an anthropologie throw pillow, remember this and this?).  but two of their napkins proved to be cheap (well, cheap-ish) and with a few white towels, some cutting and sewing, and a nap time later, here you go – four dishtowels that have gotten me back into the groove of sewing.


7 thoughts on “dishy

  1. Fun! Friends of ours just bought a house and I was thinking of doing something similar for their housewarming gift. Dishtowels or coasters — not sure yet. Sadly, I admit to never stepping foot inside Anthropologie. I fear I’m the only person left on earth who hasn’t encountered one.

  2. I remember the pillow, and it was inspiring. These are great! And Lindsay, I’ve never been to Anthropologie, either. (I don’t think visiting the website counts.)

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