out of my belly ::  my daughter.  it’s kind of like one night she wasn’t there and then the next morning – boom.  baby.  and then she decided to take up yoga and do seemingly constant and funky moves that make even this thrice pregnant woman think this is just perhaps the most bizarre thing ever.  omar and i can just sit and stare at the belly ripples she makes.

out of our yard :: carrots.  omar was weeding along the side of the fence the other day in an area that is truly just about as wide as what you see in the picture.  a concrete sidewalk sits almost right up against the fence.  well, wouldn’t you know that he spies some carrots growing.  crazy.  we initially planted some carrot seeds in a pot about six yards from the fence but they never sprouted.  evidently the little seeds just hiked up their skirts and marched across the deck and settled next to the fence.  perhaps they thought they were too good for a container garden.

into my mind ::  wondering if people still use ipecac for croup.  last night elisha woke up with croup, and i kept thinking about the scene in anne of green gables where anne comes to the barry’s rescue and saves minnie may barry from a bad case of croup:

Anne went to work with skill and promptness.

“Minnie May has croup all right; she’s pretty bad, but I’ve seen them worse. First we must have lots of hot water. I declare, Diana, there isn’t more than a cupful in the kettle! There, I’ve filled it up, and, Mary Joe, you may put some wood in the stove. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but it seems to me you might have thought of this before if you’d any imagination. Now, I’ll undress Minnie May and put her to bed and you try to find some soft flannel cloths, Diana. I’m going to give her a dose of ipecac first of all.”

while i didn’t have anne to turn to, i did have dr. sears and after a good steam in the bathroom-turned-sauna and a trip out into the night air, he settled.  and i now know about “stridor” and am fascinated by the word.  the poor guy ended up being fine and he and asher (who was also up because of a rather unpleasant cough) got to have a 1 am viewing of charlotte’s web.  good times…for them.


7 thoughts on “popping…

  1. Look at that belly! Pregnancy may be the weirdest of human experiences (for mom and baby). Surreal. Also, I didn’t think you could buy ipecac anymore. Maybe I’m wrong?

  2. I have many memories of my father sitting in the bathroom with me in the middle of the night (why was it always in the middle of the night???) with the hot shower on making it very hot and steamy. It always seemed to work. I don’t ever remember getting ipecac and those were the days when you could buy it. I always thought ipecac was for other ailments, but not for croup.

  3. i have to say mercy was much more active in utero than jameson, and the midwives were constantly chasing him from one side of my belly to the other when trying to get his heartbeat. but mercy, she would kick and spin for 20 minutes or more at a time, where we could actually watch her go back and forth. wonder if it’s a girl-thing?

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