i’m not quite sure why omar and i were so trusting of a 2 and 3 year old playing alone out back.  for several reasons our little container garden has been rather…um…neglected?  but through all the neglect, some little tomatoes were working their hardest not to make us feel completely incompetent.  they were still green but getting bigger by the day.  the boys, though, thought they looked good and ready enough to add to their rock collection in the back yard.  nice.

alton, alton – you’re kind of letting us down.  i walked through the door the other day to find omar making some chocolate mousse (i love my husband) but was just the slightest bit suspicious when i saw that alton uses gelatin in his mousse recipe. the words “jiggly” and “firm” kept coming to mind when i thought about the possible outcome.  the texture and taste right when the mousse was finished was good, though perhaps a bit too strong even for me, but after setting up, the mousse was rather hard to get a spoon into.  perhaps the dessert was kind of a bust, but it has resulted in many laughs from me and omar as the boys have been beyond confused when we talk about eating “moose” as a treat.


3 thoughts on “calamitous

  1. So sad about the mousse. I’ve had Orangette’s chocolate mousse on the brain since she posted a recipe a few days ago. You guys up for a second attempt?

  2. You guys are always eating something that makes me covetous ( like how I turn that back on you?)…just think how you are raising up another generation of Omars in your little men! (And they will know better about the tomatoes next year.) 😉

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