while boys nap

i rest.

and catch up on my attempt at fifty two fifty two.  i’m about finished with Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion, and Truth in the Immigration Debate and hope to finish The Architecture of Happiness in the next few days. perhaps not the best two books to read at the same time.  good books, but you know how sometimes you start books that you are really interested in and actually like but somehow get stuck??  a friend and i had a brief but good discussion the other day about reading books that perhaps aren’t the most thrilling or quite the page-turner you thought they’d be.  now i’m all about closing up a lousy book and not feeling the slightest bit of guilt if it is truly a waste of time, but i don’t want to tell myself or, more importantly, my boys that all reading and studying is exciting.

i also got a chance to watch a TED talk by agronomist louise fresco. from the TED site – Louise Fresco argues that a smart approach to large-scale, industrial farming and food production will feed our planet’s incoming population of nine billion. Only foods like (the scorned) supermarket white bread, she says, will nourish on a global scale.  i heard about this particular talk from ellie and she’s got some great thoughts on the lecture.  totally worth 18 minutes of your day. thanks, ellie!

and on this particularly long nap day i even snuck in a bit of the first episode from the new emma by masterpiece theater.  it took me a few minutes to get over the fact that the actress who plays emma also played the creepy younger sister (18 yr old version) in atonement. but i managed and now i’m enjoying it, and the story is as great as ever with an always intrusive emma, awkward mr. elton, and jonny lee miller doing a great job as mr. knightley.


3 thoughts on “while boys nap

  1. I know… JONNY LEE MILLER. I didn’t think Jeremy Northam could be beat, but maybe so.

    I’m glad your boys are napping and you are getting some down time. Question: if they don’t go to sleep, do you make them have “quiet time” or do they always just sleep? Inquiring minds…

  2. maybe you can include books on film in your 52/52 SUCCESS!!? 🙂

    sometimes ya gotta be creative…after all…you’re the person you’re doing this for, eh?

    good call on naptime–my oldest is 6.5 and she still has “quiet time” or rest time. think i may start calling it “siesta”.

  3. abbie – the boys go down every day for a nap…or quiet time…or siesta. i give them some books and toys and then don’t mind if they sleep, read, or play in bed. i also make them be in there for at least two hours. they usually sleep for most of that and sometimes go a bit longer. it’s a beautiful thing 😉

    caron – excellent idea with adding the book-into-movie to the list.
    and i love hearing about people with 6+ year olds who still have a siesta!

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