ode to cold snaps

i arrived home yesterday.  gone are the 50 degree-ish days of when i left two weeks ago.  but really, no complaints.  and minutes after walking in the door i heard omar say these beautiful words – “while doing a major tree trimming job on the tree that is next to our fence, the neighbors found four dead iguanas in the branches.”  music to my ears, people.  the cold and windy weather dries out my skin but kills iguanas.  i’ll take it.

omar also came back from a visit to his parents’ house with a bag full of little bananas that got tricked by the cold into ripening too soon.   cute little things that made for excellent caramelized bananas this afternoon.  full sized bananas are often a bit much for me, but these little guys?  perfect.

as i was unpacking suitcases it was a bit sad to put the sweaters in the back of the closet.  i like to think cold weather clothes are more flattering than summer clothes.  times that by 100 when you’re pregnant.


6 thoughts on “ode to cold snaps

  1. having no experience with iguanas myself, what is it particularly that you don’t like about them? (besides they are disgusting to look at!)
    also, would love to see a picture of you. what week now?

  2. kelly – i’ll try to put this delicately – they relieve themselves all over our fence and deck and in the pool. um, yuck. they’ve eaten up our hibiscus plants,too. they also climb up the stucco walls outside creating quite the creepy sound effects inside.

    i’ll try to find a flattering picture to post soon 😉 i’m almost 26 weeks – not too much longer!

  3. Layers. It’s all about the layers. We’re headed to Rochester on Wednesday for 10 days and the forecast calls for an 18 degree high one day. A little extreme, but I’ll take it.

  4. I’d love to see a picture. You visited at the most unflattering time of my pregnancy (I’d love to return the favor) so I think it’s okay to beg for a picture. 🙂

  5. I can’t picture you – even pregnant – in an unflattering way (and, no, I am not exaggerating). I, when pregnant, resembled a Volkswagen beetle (and, again, I am not exaggerating). Maybe it has to do more with how we feel? I sure hope so… 😉

  6. We had such a nice time with you guys!! Wish we could get together more often, but we’ll be thankful for what we get!

    ps you look adorable whether or not you’re sporting a baby tummy;)

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