tea time

i loved beatrix potter as a kid.  and i loved this tea set.  it has stayed with my parents and the boys got their first tea time with it today.  they ate up their cookies and downed their honey-laden, milky white constant comment tea – the first tea i remember drinking.

i had my own tea time yesterday.  friends and i went to a little tea room for lunch. a girly place full of girly decor and girly food.  but my one problem with girly food is that i’m starving an hour later.  add pregnancy on top of that and i probably should’ve just swallowed my pride and ordered a double salad plate and an extra scone slathered in clotted cream.


7 thoughts on “tea time

  1. We used to have tea time every day and work on Scripture memory and catechism…made it something the kids looked forward to. We need to get back to that. Oh, and soon you’ll be full o’ baby and tea food will be just the right amount. You may be hungry an hour later but one scone will do it for you. 🙂 Gotta love late pregnancy challenges!

  2. So funny, we just bought Beatrix Potter’s treasury of stories the other day. I’ve been reading them to the girls at night. I had all of the books growing up, but have forgotten most of them. So fun that your mom saved your tea set, my mom saved my Beatrix Potter pieces too and have the in Evie and Anabelle’s room. So glad your boys enjoyed tea time!

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