craft for kids ::

peanut butter/birdseed pine cones.  the boys liked this.  we think the birds liked it, and we know that the squirrels really, really liked it.  after a couple of days they pulled up the strings, bit off the pine cones and then made out like bandits.

craft for mama ::

champagne/belgian beer cage bistro chair.  tops on my list of pregnancy frustrations is the relative lack of beer or wine drinking (please don’t read into that that i’m a heavy drinker – it’s more along the lines of “we want what we can’t have” kinds of things).  tops on omar’s list of “frustrations when kate is pregnant” is my sipping his beer or wine, though i think he likes the extra kisses he gets after he has a glass of wine (wink).  so when i saw this little craft on design*sponge i figured omar would happy – he could drink his beer in peace and i could be distracted with a craft.  hil-arious.


3 thoughts on “crafts

  1. I wish I’d saved as many wire cages as I have saved corks over the years! I could start a miniture bistro! Great idea…

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