i used to wonder why pastors and their families went far away from home on vacation.  and stayed away for at least a week or two.  now i know.  omar’s work is good.  my work helping him is good.  it’s just a bit more intense then i could have ever known.  i think it first hit me a couple of months ago when omar and i were both on a subway in brooklyn on our cell phones having two conversations with hurting people.  conversations that couldn’t wait for us to get home.

being a couple of states away makes it just a bit easier to rest, especially mentally. but i’m realizing that i am also having to learn how to be better at resting.  and i think i am.  in the busyness of everyday life at home lists need to be made and checked off, bills tended to, laundry done.  truthfully all of this still needs to take place, to an extent, even while on vacation, but i’m learning to not let things get to me so much while away from everyday life.

like bouncing a check to the irs.  not getting to me as much as it would have while in the thick of life down in florida.  (true story, by the way.  i did have a moment of freak out when i realized my online banking mistake and googled “bounced irs check” only to find an article that was titled “there is dumb and then there is dumber.” moral of the story is to go immediately on vacation when you realize whopping tax errors and then you won’t feel so bad.)


5 thoughts on “rest

  1. I’m glad you’re finding rest, my friend. As I read this, it occurred to me that I’ve never called my pastor or his wife or sought their counsel. I’ve always felt like that was imposing, and would find someone else if I needed help or guidance. Sad.

    PS. I don’t think you’re dumb. 😉

  2. hello. this one struck me – i feel like as we get older life gets busier, so we have to make rest a priority – it’s hard to find – but finding it in a busy day, it so refreshing and important. most everything can wait, and would wait if there was something in line ahead of it – and i just pretend Rest is first in line….in fact, a recent reading in Our Utmost for His Highest compelled me further into this thinking –God didn’t call us to busy-ness….i’ll have to look it up and send it to you….xoxo

  3. ahh…. rest. 🙂 that’s what i need… i need a good vacation after getting only into the first two school weeks of the year 😉 heehee, well, not all wishes come true. i loved the pictures in the previous post!

    btw, reading this post just made me think of the Southwest Airliners commercials… ‘Wanna get away?’ 😀


  4. you’re ministers and you’re paying more to our dreaded uncle? that’s got to be the worst thing i’ve heard all day! and, that coming from another minister who is worried about doing her taxes, for the same reason! ugh. anyway, glad you are having rest. say hey to the peeps from me, please!

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