what i do on vacation

go on dates with omar and friends to places like circa 1922 where we eat delicious things like crêpe cannelloni filled with red peppers and goat cheese and laugh a lot.

discover bifrost arts.  how did i not hear about them and their music before now? here is a good article explaining the project and their albums of hymns and spirituals.

walk by my mom’s grand piano and become inspired to pull out some music only to realize this will probably make the headache a bit worse so settle on taking some pictures of it.

discover that molly wizenberg/orangette now has a podcast.

decide to make the new york times chocolate chip cookies that call for a 36 hour rest time in the fridge.  one might see this as an inconvenience, but i see it as an opportunity to snack on cookie dough for 36 hours.


7 thoughts on “va-ca-tion

  1. I have thought about trying the cookie dough for some time now…I’ve adopted some of the practices, such as letting the dough sit a couple of days and sprinkling a little sea salt on top, but I’ve not taken the whole plunge. I’d love to know what you think.

    Also, I made the cranberry apple butter you recommended a while ago. I love it, and I can’t wait for Matt to get home and try it. It really does smell like the best of wintertime. Happy vacationing!

  2. sounds perfect (though nary a mention of ‘the crack’ [cracker barrel])!

    i like bifrost music. it’s fun to hear different voices coupled together. it’s fun to imagine the collaboration happening. “just a closer walk with thee” is the best track, i think.

    vacation, eh? sounds relaxing, paced well, & full of things that put wind in your sails: perfecto!

  3. that cookie recipe is our staple…..we fail to see the benefit of the 36 hours. we had them right away and we have waited….. no difference. just good warm!

  4. Hi ya, chicky!
    Not sure if you got my phone message today or not. We’d love to get together with you guys while you’re in town. Just give the word;)

  5. alice – consider them hugged!

    alina – i’m most excited about the salt. glad you liked the cran/apple butter…so good!

    b and b – we just passed hour 24 and while i’ve dipped in a few times, there is still plenty…for now.

    caron – “just a closer walk with thee” is one of my favorites, too. and yes, cracker barrel was visited – toys played with, hash browns eaten, but i forgot to ask for the double bag. i got tea and when i asked if they had earl grey, the waitress said no, they only had “darling.” hmmm…

    kathy – glad to hear you like it. and that you don’t notice a difference. we usually end up with 36 hour cookies by default. i never get around to making all the cookies in one day.

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