::  my choice of the boys’ christmas present.  we get them a play kitchen.  this was in part a ploy to get them out of our kitchen drawers and cabinets.  they proceed to spend more time raiding our kitchen drawers and making off with various trivets, spatulas, and pot holders.

:: my honesty.  around christmas day i got all excited about trying to accomplish reading 52 books in 52 weeks.  so i started on my list and began jane eyre.  i finished on new year’s eve.  my conscience wouldn’t bother me if i finished it on january 1st but i guess it is a bit dishonest to add it to the 2010 list.  perhaps i should start my 52 weeks with the last week of the year??  perhaps i shouldn’t obsess so much about these things??  and if you haven’t read jane eyre you’re missing out.

:: evidently, my sanity.  after three and half years with the same phone, i finally caved to getting a new one.  when i told the saleslady that i wanted a basic phone because i’m a no-frills phone kind of girl she eyed me suspiciously.  when it came out that i don’t even text, she was incredulous.  “seriously?!” she asked. seriously. such people do exist.

:: men who push around dog strollers.  head to boca raton if you’d like to see how rich old people spend their time.  each time i go i am shocked by the number of dog strollers i see.  i was even more shocked today when i saw a women parading around while holding her pooch.  behind her the gray-haired husband dutifully pushed along the pink dog stroller carrying his beloved’s purse.  soon after i promised omar that i would never make him do such things.

8 thoughts on “questionable

  1. allow the date fudge. just say you’ve got to finish your last book by dec 31, 2010. it’s reasonable. you have to allow certain degrees of variation for life change that will be coming! (ie: l.k.o.)

    when i had my 3rd baby, believe it or not, i had lots more time to read than before he was born.

  2. I did *not* know about dog strollers! Do people really do that? We put leashes on our dogs and go walking through the “neighborhood” (aka: a nearby African village). I can tell from the reactions that we get when our Tanzanian neighbors see us that they think that we are cray-zee! The dog strollers give me an idea of how our dog-walking might be percieved by others…

  3. We don’t text either. When we went to the Verizon store to get our text function turned off, because we had $8 in charges from Adam’s friends forwarding stupid jokes and texts from the city of Mobile (wtf?), the girl didn’t know how to do it. We too are no frills.

    Oh, and it made for interesting conversation when we told our friends (who all have iphones) that we don’t have texting, in case they’ve ever texted us before.

    PS. What’s the point of getting a dog if you have to push it around in a stroller? Dogs are for walking. Cats are for pushing around in strollers. 😉

  4. Every morning when I walk Sadie (or should I say when she walks me), I see a couple pushing a stroller with 2 elderly small dogs in it. It is a sight to see. I’ve even seen them take the dogs out of the strollers and let them walk for a while. They even where sweaters! Go figure.

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