almost a year ago to the day…

i wrote about this very topic – journaling…or diary-ing…or homemaking notebook-ing or whatever you want to call it.  i tried last year.  i really did.  i wanted a place where i could write out our daily activities, quotes i came across during the day, things the kids say, recipes, bible verses, etc.

what ended up happening was that i started writing down lists and ideas and quotes on random pieces of paper that were handy.  and i think i jotted notes down in two or three journals i had lying around.

so.  round two?  i went out yesterday and bought a book specifically for this.  a big journal with pages big enough for sketches and articles or pictures i come across as well as the daily “to do” lists and quotes and verses.

i love looking through my great-grandpa’s diaries.  they are simple and full of everyday tasks that he did.  they weren’t the place for his “deepest thoughts,” so it appears from what he recorded, but they are a record of what he did and who he was.  i’d like to have something like that to hold on to.

i also did this early in the morning with the boys playing around me.  i don’t think i’ll do that everyday but i’m trying to do a better job at letting them see me do and write and read about things i love.  it’s been easy for me to just wait until they are napping or in bed for the night before i work on projects or read my own books or write.  i don’t want them to think i only read books about dump trucks, play games like candyland, fold laundry, and take pictures primarily of them.

finally, i would like to add that i’m writing this while sitting in front of the fire (!), wrapped in a blanket (!), and loving that fact that it’s only in the low 50s (!) outside right now and blustery.  love it.


9 thoughts on “almost a year ago to the day…

  1. Oh, Kate, if you had any idea how many half-filled journals are hiding in bookcases and boxes around this house. I am the world’s worst. I too just purchased a big fat one for 2010 and am determined to make good use of it this time around.

  2. aren’t you just loving this weather!?! looks like a full week of it!! comfy socks and big sweaters!! i’m rather ecstatic about it as well! Glad there are a few of us out there in florida =) enjoy your fire.

  3. What a fantastic idea! You may have inspired me to start journaling, too.

    PS. I’m reading Real Love for Real Life right now and, boy, it’s refreshing. I kinda feel let off the hook about a lot of things and it’s very, very good. 🙂

  4. i used to journal! a LONG time ago, i kept a journal but always eventually put it down. so, just last year when Hannah Murphy came to visit me, i bought a journal and decided to have it as a prayer journal. basically letters to God. i haven’t put it down since 🙂 and for Christmas, mum got me this BEAUTIFUL journal; i can’t wait to finish my old one so i can start on my new one 😉


  5. Well, it’s just easier for me to cheat. I simply copy my year’s worth of blog entries and paste to a place on my computer. When the kids are grown, I plan to have it made into a book – pictures and all. I don’t sketch or doodle, so an electronic journal suits me fine. The topics are pretty varied with serious and funny events and thoughts.

    But I sure admire those who can actually write in one and keep up with it…

  6. bright and blithe – i’ll let you know if all my thoughts stay in one place this year. just this morning i grabbed a scrap of paper before i realized there was a whole book just for this sort of thing…

    jen – i know!! in the 30s this morning with windchill in the 20s!!! loving it.

    lindsay – it really is a very good book. i’ll probably write some thoughts about it here soon. go start your journal…

    katy – good for you for journaling! here’s hoping i can keep up with the days.

    sheila – i love your daughter 😉 i, too, have been setting up a book with old blog posts through blurb. a little on the time consuming side but i think i’m starting to realize i don’t need to copy over every. single. post. to make it meaningful.

  7. I just love this idea! Wow…I don’t know quite how I stumbled across your blog today, but I’m really glad I did. What a beautiful journal you’re going to make!

  8. So inspiring! I shamelessly copied your idea and began yet another journal today, although I do feel less pressure knowing it doesn’t have to be profound. (Who makes these rules, anyway???) I copied the C.S. Lewis quote from the Femina blog today and felt that was a good start. Thanks for the idea (and example…I’d love a post about your entries every so often).

  9. I’ve felt the exact same thing before–esp when my kids were a little longer. I realized that they probably never saw me reading my Bible or anything because I always did that when they were asleep or having play time in their room or whatever—I’ve tried to mix in a little bit of my reading/personal stuff into my day when I can. But it’s hard! I tend to save my favorite reading, etc for quiet moments when it is me, myself, and I!

    Love the housekeeping journal idea. I remember your post about it last year. (and cannot believe it’s been a YEAR since then…I feel like I just read that post about a month ago. yikes!)
    Anyway, I’d love to try that as well!

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