misstep #1 by omar

poor omar.  we’ve lived here less than six months and in that time he has broken two french presses.  he is definitely not clumsy and i totally blame the ceramic kitchen sink (don’t buy one…).

misstep #2 by both of us

long after the remains of the first french press have been carted away and just after the remains of the second are good and gone, guess who finds out that you can buy replacement glass carafes for your french press?  that would be me.  you can actually buy multiple spare parts for your trusty french press.  you can even buy a neoprene french press cozy from this site i never knew about.  then again, why would anyone want a bland neoprene cozy when you could have one of these?

misstep #3 by alton brown

alright.  we are alton brown fans in this house.  omar is even 5 recipes into his goal of completing all the recipes in his new book this year.  and it’s only january 3.  the steak was great.  the fried leftover mashed potatoes were excellent.  the scrambled eggs that included some rather painfully detailed and over-the-top instructions were wonderful.  the coffee?  horrible.  to break in (ha!) the new french press and knock another recipe off the to-do list, we decided to follow alton’s coffee instructions.  we even pulled out the digital scale, people.  the proportions were fine.  the killer?  he has you add salt to the grounds to take away the bitterness.  and not just a pinch.  now isn’t part of the enjoyment of drinking coffee that slight bitterness that accompanies it? heed my warning – don’t ever try this.

misstep #4 by wendell berry

not coffee related but indeed a misstep.  while listening to an interview with wendell berry, asher overheard him say the word “stupid” and just about lost it. it’s a no-no word in our house (though asher tries to get around this by substituting the word “snoopy” in context) and even i have been corrected by my 2 year old.  i doubt mr. berry is ever corrected much for his language but there you have it.


9 thoughts on “missteps

  1. Thanks for the heads-up concerning the Alton Brown-coffee-flub. Omar’s quest to complete AB’s cookbook reminds me of the movie Julie and Julia… Omar & Alton?…. 😉

  2. kids substitutions are hilarious! SNOOPY!? impressive. there are lots of “banned” words & phrases in our house, one of them being “let me tell you something”….because it was getting to be too much coming from a six, four, AND two year old.

    replacement carafes? i’ve broken two myself and tossed the metal baby out with the shattered bath water, too.

    i don’t like people to mess with coffee. i like it strong & thick. we take excederin with us when we visit my family but…well…the drink is tan. no good.

  3. AW… that is so cute! i’m half tempted to start using ‘snoopy’. 😉

    oh boy, that’s such a shame about ya’ll’s french press… and about finding parts for it later.

    i would NEVER put salt in coffee! just the sound of it makes me shudder 😛

    i loved the pictures on your blog!

    Katy Self

  4. we break french presses (and bowls and juice glasses and wine glasses and plates…you get the idea) with similar regularities. In fact, a few years ago, my mother shipped us one of those stove top European percolators because she was so tired of hearing about how we’d broken yet another one.

    Lovely blog. Found via bright and blithe. Can’t wait to read more!

  5. Starbucks sells French Presses made of metal–don’t know how it tastes, but it looks cool. Kinda like the old coffee stove top things or percolators.
    Salt in coffee–my grandmother used to do that. Blech.

  6. I think about your microwaved coffee laments all the time, just because I’m sure it is many a mother who has the same cold coffee complaint. To take a rabbit trail…our super expensive coffee maker broke and we replaced it with a cone filter device that holds the coffee grounds and boiling water is poured over the top. We have a 12-cup cone and a 2-cup cone. We set the large cone right on top of an airpot and voila: I have steaming hot coffee until noon. 🙂

    Funny about the kids substitutions. My children are always saying “such and such is not a word” about things I’ve asked them to say (e.g, “sorry” instead of a real confession). Your boys are looking so big, especially Asher!

  7. Katie, I laughed at this “stupid” drama going on at your house….Pumpkin (5) got a few Junie B Jones books for Christmas from a relative. One of the titles is “June B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus.”….I happened to read the title from the front cover of the book when I was first looking at it.


    “Stupid” is a no-no word in our house, too. But apparently, if mommy says the no-no word, little girl thinks that that barrier has been broken & it’s perfectly fine now. A few minutes later I heard her chanting “stupid, stupid, stupid!” with SUCH glee in her voice. ha!!

    So I’m right there with ya.

    We’ll have to try the “snoopy” thing. 🙂

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