sitting here post-new year’s eve with my trash can sadly void of any asti spumante bottles (next year…), i’m amazed at how mundane my 2009 mental review is.  yes, yes there are the big “lost a job/found a job” events but on the whole, here is what i came up with.

the remarkable

::  lost a job

::  found a job

::  being pregnant with #3 – and a girl (!)

the rather unremarkable but still important

::  learning that putting lots of extra butter in the pan makes for amazing pancakes

::  now knowing that starting your first real attempt at a garden in the throes of morning sickness and unbelievable heat will result in a sad little garden

::  yelling at and hitting iguanas with brooms will eventually teach (most of) them to scamper away simply with an abrupt opening of the back door

::  having four current and active library cards spanning three counties and two states gives one a sense of sneakiness and power

::  though it is only a mere 60 miles south, palm beach-ers don’t do miami and miamians don’t do palm beach

::  having three permanent addresses in one year stumps certain magazines, banks and even the post office itself, but the irs?  not so much

happy 2010


One thought on “2009

  1. What a year, eh? I’m glad we’re keeping track of each other, and can share all these mundane and unremarkable moments. Here’s to a great new year! 🙂

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