orange and cozy

the neck cozy on the left is an über-belated birthday gift for dear laura in atlanta. i’d like to blame my laziness and failure to finish this project on my pregnancy, but laura’s birthday was in february…

i almost suffered a heat stroke while trying to snap a picture of this but just let me know that it is a cool 45 degrees in atlanta right now so hopefully this will come in handy for her.  and i love this yarn.  love.  gedifra highland alpaca.  thick, soft, and beautiful colors.

the t-shirt on the right is asher’s.  he’d yet to get a mama-made shirt and while i’m not crazy about how it turned out, i’m not too sad considering the stamps aren’t intended for fabric.  but i couldn’t pass them up.  the stamp set is from yellow owl workshop.  love their things.  and as you can see from their site, i wasn’t feeling too creative or original on the day i made this so i stuck with their color and design scheme.  it’s a good one.

after a bit of a hiatus, i’m slowly finding my back into craft-land.


8 thoughts on “orange and cozy

  1. Instead of really late for last year, you should call it an early gift for this year. Then you’ll look like you’re really on top of things. And that shirt is really cool. I’m sure Asher will wear it proudly, and he’ll never know how unoriginal it is. 😉

  2. Kate I love your haircut!! So cute! I think I may buy the alabama stitch book! And LOVE the scarf. I think I still need a date with Kate to teach me to crochet. 😉 oh, and we had broccoli tonight from our garden!! Sadly most of my other crops not doing so hot but I guess this is a learning experience. Wish we would have had more craft dates when you were closer=)

  3. Yay!!! Shivering Laura is so excited!!! Truly, I probably wouldn’t have used it much until now anyway, so the timing couldn’t be better. It’s been in the thirties quite a bit lately…for a recent Miami girl, that’s plenty cold for me!!! It will be a neck-warming and heart-warming little treasure—thanks : )

  4. This is the project I saw you start? Love it! Between the knitting needle holder Yashi made for you and watching you start this project–I really got the itch to knit. I found a nifty yarn store not too far from your place in the gables–knitters garden. Thinking of taking classes starting next weekend. Maggy and Kayla are practically jumping up and down with excitement. Really, they are. I should be knitting away shortly. I’m SO excited! Love the shirt too. I really need to do something with the Alabama book.

  5. Hey! I love this photo pairing…so beautiful! That neck cozy is also lovely…lucky Laura. 🙂

    I am glad you loved the caramel corn. I thought it was deee-licious, too. I’m a huge fan of popcorn, so it was kind of a no brainer for me. I had the tiniest of dorm rooms my freshman year of college (think small walk-in closet), but what did I find room for? My large, plug-in popcorn maker. Can’t get enough of it.

  6. you would think i wouldn’t need this – but did you have a pattern for your neck cozy? i’m starting a knitting (slash crocheting) club and am looking for some easy patterns and it is hopefully as simple as it looks.

    and two side notes – found really cute stuffed kitty and bear knit patterns for free on the lion brand website, oh, and a SUPER cute snowman toddler hat. and second, i really hate spelling out “crochet” or any form of the word.

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