merry merry

christmas morning came and omar and i realized elisha thought christmas was a person.  even after a few presents were opened, he’d call out, “but where’s christmas??”

asher is now never to be seen without his beloved football.  omar is never seen far from alton brown’s new book and he has declared, “we will make every one of these recipes.”

elisha has been making plenty of eggs in the new little kitchen, lenna’s wardrobe is growing faster than anyone’s, and my book stack just got a bit taller.

a happy 2nd day of christmas to you.


5 thoughts on “merry merry

  1. Hi Kate! Can you send me your address when you get a chance? I have a Christmas card for you guys that has been sitting on my table for at least a week. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. It sounds like you have a lovely day yourself. I guess Asher is all boy, huh? And Elisha? Hilarious! Omar’s comment made me think of Julie & Julia (we just watched it last night). Have you seen it? I loved it, the movie and the book, which I read a long time ago.

  3. megan – my mom got this one for me a few years ago. fontinini nativity sets are huge in italy (and oh, so much cheaper!). i remember when we lived there seeing bins and bins of the different figures for just a few dollars and now i just saw that a set of the wise men is over 60 bucks!! yikes.

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