morning blaze

the house was in the 60s this morning so i figured now was as good a time as any to turn the fireplace on.  and the beautiful thing about gas is that you can have just a little flame so you don’t go out of your mind.  it had quite the mesmerizing/calming effect on the boys and perhaps i’ll crank the thermostat down more often.

i realized the other day that i forgot to add christmas eve and christmas day to our advent garland.  next year.  this morning was our last activity – breakfast, pjs, and books in front of the fire.  i think the boys thought this was christmas.  it’s kind of a fun stage.  they get all excited about the tree and the fire and christmas carols but have no idea what those pretty wrapped boxes are under the tree.  no idea that they are gifts.  no expectations.

they do know, though, that we seem to have lots of extra goodies around and they get to drink more hot cocoa than at any other time of the year.  now add to that all the christmas goodies my folks sent us.  goodies like lebkuchen and panetonne and ritter sport bars that bring up some of the strongest childhood christmas memories for me.

merry eve of christmas eve.


2 thoughts on “morning blaze

  1. Kinda jealous of the fireplace kate. how fun. hope you guys have a wonderful christmas. wow to think next year at this time you will have 3 little rascals. =)

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