more cookies

i made royal icing for the first time the other day (making sure to add a bit of almond extract because remember, everything tastes better with almond extract).  i think i have found a new love.  give me a stack of cookies, a bag full of icing, and some fancy sanding sugars and i’m pretty content.  and that icing is so easy and rock hard when it dries that i might even be up for gingerbread houses.

elisha has been quite into our cookie decorating sessions.  asher just dumps sprinkles on one cookie and then announces he’s off to play football.

four days until christmas and no plans for the rest of the week except christmas eve service and christmas day in miami.  the weather has finally cooled down enough that the idea of baking bread doesn’t make me want to jump in the freezer, and soups and risottos seem like the perfect pre-christmas foods…but only if this weather keeps up.


One thought on “more cookies

  1. Now you can see how I got started in the gingerbread house making. That stuff is so much fun to use…I look for things to pipe.

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