a cookie for that baby with a name

baby girl has a name – lenna kathryn ortiz.

and for those tempted to pronounce it like “LEE-nah” give “LEH-nah” a try. she’ll thank you for it.

the meaning of a name isn’t a make it or break it thing for me, and i’ve always been skeptical of baby books’ descriptions of the meanings and origins of names (check out five different books and sometimes you’ll find five different meanings/origins).  but in my quest to assure omar that this was indeed a sweet name for her i found several places that trace the name back to both latin and old german roots (not sure how those go together but i’m running with it) that mean “lion’s strength,” though i like to think of it in terms of a lioness.  something about that makes me smile.

then wouldn’t you know that i stumbled upon jhill’s new animal alphabet prints and guess what animal she uses for the letter L?

we received a christmas card today from someone that included lenna’s name with the rest of ours.  love it.


8 thoughts on “a cookie for that baby with a name

  1. Ok, unlike Kelly, I mispronounced it the first time. Forgive me. 🙂 Way to go on picking the name early on!

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to thank you for your generous commenting!! You are so good at it, and I always love it when I see “Kate O. has left a comment.” 🙂 Ultimately, I’ve decided to ditch the picture in that post earlier this week and keep the frame…probably paint it black and frame the former painting I had on the mantel. Thanks for weighing in on that decision.

  2. b and b – thank you!

    kathy – it is, isn’t it 😉

    kelly – proud of you, too. but as with elisha, i’ve probably cursed her with a lifetime of name correction…but i still love it!

    alina – i love your name and it was on the list of contenders (yours is a happy middle ground for the spanish speaking side of the family!). and let us see pics when you’re done with the frame!

    lindsay – me too 😉

    sheila – isn’t that the only way to spell it…?

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