christmas cheer

::  omar making gingerbread cookie dough.  me eating gingerbread cookie dough.
::  asher toting around our nativity mary everywhere – bed, breakfast, in the toy bulldozer.
::  elisha being a bit scandalized by the fact that the nativity baby jesus’ bottom is bare.
::  christmas dinner parties with candles and sparkly decorations and sparkly drinks.
::  rainy and cooler weather with winds i can hear blowing past the windows.

christmas scrooge

::  crowds upon crowds of people apparently looking for things to make other people happy but who themselves don’t seem too happy it’s christmas.
::  not being able to find a single good christmas pandora station. not. one.
::  realizing that this time next month we won’t be singing christmas carols.


2 thoughts on “ornamental

  1. I’d share the Pandora station I made, but I’m afraid you’d think it was terrible. 🙂 I think you have to mix your own and like/dislike the crap out of it to get something worthwhile.

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