:: we went on a walk the other night and got to check out the neighbors’ use of twinkling lights and pretty wreaths along with unfortunate decisions like blow-up nativity sets and electric “santa hat”-wearing dolphins that are all sparkly.

:: on this walk i looked into a house and noticed that there was a full-on pipe organ in their living room.  i think i counted at least 100 pipes.  how cool.  i think we need to become friends with them.

:: please ignore the candy cane cookie recipe in my finds section.  they were a bust.  a pink and white nightmare bust.  a flavorless bust.

:: for multiple reasons i suggest finding a puerto rican to marry but one of the main reasons is a whole new world of food and drink is exposed to you.  and at christmas time that means coquito.  think of it as a tropical eggnog with a coconut kick.  omar’s endeared several people to him thanks to his aunt’s recipe (thanks, sandra!), and this year he was hoping to extra-endear the church staff to him during our christmas party until he found out he might be the only one partaking (except for my few sips, ahem).  but then wouldn’t you know that this past sunday the church musician who drives up from miami (leave it to the miamian) asks omar if he’s ever had coquito.  i think omar almost kissed him and a couple of hours later guess who was in the kitchen whipping up a batch?


5 thoughts on “twinkle

  1. Is it a secret recipe?? 🙂 We’ve had the same experience in our new church…we serve wine and we’re the only ones drinking. Not quite as celebratory, but oh well.

  2. I figured out the marry a Puerto Rican thing a few years before you! (wink)

    Did I fail to mention the new chocolate version I made last year that made many folks (Puerto Rican, I might add) forsake the original version for? 🙂

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