the one where my kids recite some words of wisdom and knowledge

and frankly, i’m quite proud of elisha’s ability to practice what he’s preaching by not freaking out on his brother.  for those of you needing a bit of translation, the verse is proverbs 29:11 (a fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control) and my starbucks order is “tall wet cappuccino with whole milk.”  i didn’t actually realize my boys knew how predictable my coffee tastes were until last night when elisha, in an attempt to stall bedtime, started sharing random bits of information with me, including my starbucks order.


10 thoughts on “the one where my kids recite some words of wisdom and knowledge

  1. GREAT Proverb! A good one to add to the old memory hopper. Congrats on your new- found need to go buy all those adorable pink outfits. Having a new spending need has never seemed as fun;). Hugs to the gang!
    P.S. Darren and I really miss our dates with you guys!

  2. Oh, I seriously love it. Too funny. And three cheers for whole milk! It’s been on my mind lately as I’ve reduced down to 1% (boo!) for a few weeks as Matt and I are doing a joint diet (another big boo!). I can’t wait to get back to my full fat dairy!!!

  3. how funny is that!!! i guess cappuccino is the fun word of the week! oh, and those pjs are just too much. how cute are those boys?!! : )

  4. oooooooooh my goodness. This is so funny.

    “wet cappuccino…wet cappuccino…”
    he likes the way that rolls off his tongue! Love how he repeats that part a few times.

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