thanks for all the excitedness…a girl!

on to advent.  kathy inspired me to do a daily advent activity with the boys this year.  and then i saw her advent garland and thought that this was an excellent excuse to go out and buy the adorable miniature clothespins like i had seen at a restaurant in new york (recipe uses them in their menu presentation).  the garland is now up and i plan on writing activities on the back of each circle. friends and blogs have given me lists of ideas to do each day (crafty ideas, family ideas, serving ideas) but i decided to have a loose list to work from and then each night write what we’d do the next day to allow for unexpected schedule changes/current exhaustion levels.

so far the activities have included getting the tree, watching a charlie brown christmas, “making” felt christmas ornaments (i don’t actually think these self-adhesive ornaments i got at michael’s should qualify as a craft, but they are perfect for a 2 and 3 year old), and tonight, decorating the tree.  if i had it my way (and the budget to do it) every other day would consist of activities like “buy zinnia colored diapers!” “buy a dress and leggings here!” and on and on.


11 thoughts on “advent-y

  1. cooool. I like it. (maybe next year?) we’re trying to get the shopping done in one big fell swoop this week so we can actually concentrate on/enjoy Advent for what it is.
    and I can vouch for both the adorableness and quality of those zinnia colored diapers and those clothes by Tea. Cora has a few things by them, and they are sturdy, soft, beautiful clothes. 🙂
    I’m excited for girl-shopping for you.

  2. Writing the advent activity as you go- genius!! Each year I think we will start something like that; maybe I’ll get it together in October next year and then it will really happen. Cute clothes- some of my favorite newborn clothes came from them (thanks to Aunt Jax who worked in a baby boutique before he was born).

  3. We had to buy a few more diapers a few weeks ago and I was this close to buying a few girly ones, but I just couldn’t do it. I kept thinking, what if we have a boy next? But you should totally get some and use the *crap* out of them! (Excuse the very, very bad pun. I couldn’t help it.)

  4. Congrats on the little girl!!! That’s so exciting!

    I love this idea of the advent garland. I did something like this years ago with my kids, but we had a chain of gingerbread men. Each day there was a different Christmas activity for us to do. It was so fun!!

  5. ok did you cut all those circles??? i did the same in our advent calendar this year, finally breakin away from the pressure i felt to put a “treat” in each pocket. we have activities. i, too, thought to try to arrange the activities based on that day’s potential, but then just threw them all in randomly and am hoping to have some fun with the spontaneous demands of the advent calendar! i LOVE the circle garland w/ the tiny clothespins – tell me if u cut them or got them in circles somewhere!!
    and i’ll need your new address since you’re a confirmed mother of a girl! 🙂

  6. megan – thank you. it’s the mini clothespins – the key to making all things cute, i’ve decided.

    good to hear from you! i’ve peeked over at your blog and your girls are the cutest. i am now feeling very connected to all the kodatt ladies. good times!

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