in our bellies

in my belly:  a baby girl!!

in elisha’s belly:  celebratory burgers and fries!!

and what does a mama of two boys do after she makes her ultrasound tech quadruple check the girl status?  go out and buy a couple of cute clothes.  purple and pink clothes.

we’re too excited over here.  baby girl is still without a name.  a strange thing for us considering we knew the boys’ names for sure once we found out their sex.  but we’re down to two so perhaps there will be a coin toss in the next day or so.

elisha thinks the pictures of the baby are pretty cool.  asher just points at them and reminds you that we’re not supposed to touch a baby’s face or hands – just toes and tummies.

a girl!!


14 thoughts on “in our bellies

  1. all the excited, congratulatory phrases I’m thinking have already been said… I’ll try out some spanish….


  2. So excited and happy for you sweet kids!! Just as we were settling into the wonderful pregnancy news, now you have us all spun up about it being the feminine sort. So, I am heading out right now to do what any respectable G’ma would do – check out the baby girl clothes at GAP!! Love and hugs all around!
    What a great family pic, btw.

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