new york

foggy central park taken during a time-out from the amazing dioramas at the american museum of natural history.

shake shack.  where omar and i, to the dismay of family members, failed to have a burger.  the hot dogs were good, though.

great light fixtures at clinton street baking co. there were some great pancakes and coffee, too.

omar and i are happy to say that our apple tarts made from their cookbook are just as tasty as the ones from the bakery.

a cab, a flower shop, me

ft. greene flea boots

my brother wears red

boots at a standstill

brooklyn moon

brooklyn blur


4 thoughts on “new york

  1. i was hopin’ and wonderin’ if you’d have some photos to post. thanks a million times over for not taking the obligatory “us in front of the such-and-such” landmark. you guys are attractive; don’t get me wrong. but so fun just to see the action or static moments of the big apple. isn’t it fantastic?

    and you got to wear a coat, too, kate. a real one, i bet.

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