fly away

pre “vacation to new york” checklist::

1.  buy socks.  i go on and on about how i wished i lived where there were seasons and chilly temps, but the fact is, i hate socks and closed-toe shoes.  most of the socks i unearthed in my closet had a distinct late high school/early college look to them so i opted to go out and buy some.  i’m not sure you could have a more un-thrilling purchase.

2.  find a vacation book to bring.  i was looking for something in the fiction department but ended up with malcolm gladwell’s blink.  fairly breezy social psychology is good, too.

3.  pack the boys off to abuela’s for the week.  check.  but not before i gave them some killer hair cuts.  killer mainly in the sense that i didn’t screw anything up this time.  asher’s first time in the chair was uneventful and he went from mullet to cute 2 year old boy cut.  no more baby semi-curls.  and elisha’s is good.  this time the gel accentuates the cut rather than covering up my goofs.

4.  drink a mexican coke and eat an empanada.  i’d heard a bit about mexican coke (different than ours because it is made with cane sugar) and even though i’m not one for pregnancy cravings, i’d been thinking about it for weeks so i’ll chalk it up to a pregnancy craving.  so on our way back from miami today we stopped at a little bakery that imports it.  i was wondering if i always think coke in other countries tastes better because it’s made with sugar or because i’m on vacation and even a warm, flat coke would taste good in rome or florence.  verdict?  i think it’s the vacation.  they did have imported fanta, though, and that is definitely one drink that is made differently, for the better, in other countries.  next time…

5.  print out boarding passes…or not.  how easily i forget that the tsa has a thing against us.

3 thoughts on “fly away

  1. something about traveling makes the cane sugar cokes (with lime if you’re in mexico!) taste stellar…the only exception was 20 years ago when I was in the philippines and learned by way of expats (who were trying to kick the habit) that coke their has coca in it, as in cocaine. yikes.

    do you share my compartmentalized travel-love for ginger ale, too? maybe it’s that you’re moving at hundreds of miles per hour way over the earth and along comes the in-flight drink cart with cold cans of ginger ale…and you think, “ginger ale! not just for the flu anymore!”? something like that.


  2. Kate, if you need fun socks, go to Target. They have cute socks in all sorts of patterns and colors, and they’re affordable like all things Target. (Can you tell I like Target — a lot?)

    I love little baby curl. I’m hoping when Lily’s hair grows out, it’ll start to curl. Whenever she gets out of the bath, it’s so curly it looks like she has a ‘fro, but it straightens out when it dries. You’re brave to cut their hair, but I’m sure they both look supercute as always.

    Have a good time on your trip! Come back with lots of stories. 🙂

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