things i feed my children

i’ve got a few friends who think we always eat adventurous and exciting foods.  we don’t.  we love to try new things and (usually) the boys do, too.  but our weeknight meals are typically standard dinner fare – roasted veggies, salads, bean dishes, pastas, roast or sauteed chicken, and on and on.

omar is more adventurous than me when it comes to full-on recipes, but i think of myself as pretty adventurous and resourceful when the fridge is bare and the goods left in the pantry are weird.  we’re less than a week away from a 5 night trip to new york so i have no desire to go grocery shopping right now.  i think of these times as kind of daring – what can i make the kids for lunch when we’ve already had way too much pasta, there is no bread for peanut butter, no cheese, and the crackers are all stale?

there was a lonely little can of salmon in the pantry.  i’ve read and read on how important it is to eat certain types of fish and know that many people recommend eating things like canned wild salmon if you don’t get enough.  i just really don’t care for the stuff.  but i got elisha all excited by saying he could squirt mustard and plop mayo into a big bowl and stir the salmon in for me.  then we tasted.  no tears or protests.  this was served with some oddly textured craisins and a stale-ish end of a loaf of bread.  nice.

10 minutes later asher is digging into his second helping with a tiny spoon (they eat almost anything when the spoon is tiny), i’d pawned my helping off on asher, and i look over to a quiet elisha.  sure enough he’s eating it but he is visibly shuddering when he swallows the stuff.  poor kid.  cheers to him, though, for not complaining.  i ended his misery by giving him a pickle (another random “all that’s left in the fridge” food).

while i was inflicting them with this meal, i kept thinking of the book i just finished – laurie colwin’s home cooking.  i thought my salmon story might fit well into either her “kitchen horrors” chapter or “repulsive dinners: a memoir” chapter.


5 thoughts on “things i feed my children

  1. This is great! And your meals do sound adventurous. I always have high expectations for our meals, but I am soooo thankful for my standby of spaghetti. It’s boiling away in the kitchen now. It’s not the fish tacos I had hoped to make, but it will be hot and probably more appreciated than fish tacos.

  2. I’m guessing you are well over your pregnancy nausea if you were able to open a can of salmon. 🙂 My parents used to make “salmon patties” which smelled up the whole house and disgusted us all, but oddly enough I actually buy canned salmon and like it. On a big salad with good dressing it’s pretty tasty.

  3. Whenever you talk about food, it does sound adventurous and exotic. It’s good to hear that it’s not always that way, but I love your food posts. I’d like to grocery shop with you. 🙂

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