flying butter

there was a lot of uncertainty this past year.  but there was also apple cranberry butter.  in february omar and i made our first of a couple of trips to atlanta to look at a job opportunity there.  both times we went the weather was crisp and perfect and included a few visits to the flying biscuit.  i remember the food being quite good, but i remember liking the apple cranberry butter so much that when i decided to make it the other night i thought i’d probably worked up the memory way too much and figured it was a good possibility i was in for disappointment.

not so.  whew.  it’s good.  nutmeg and cinnamon and cranberry good.  it was like making christmas in a pot.  why in the world i didn’t think of halving the recipe, i don’t know.  but now i have 4+ cups of this stuff.  here’s hoping it freezes well.

here is the recipe if you’d like to give it a go.  note – the recipe is a bit vague on directions but i let my apples cook down for a good hour.  and unless you like to search for/chew on little shards of cinnamon stick, i’d suggest finding and removing it before you puree it.  ahem.


7 thoughts on “flying butter

  1. Yum! This sounds delicious. I have to admit I’m quite unfamiliar with the fruit “butter” world. Is it butter? Is it jam or preserves? Either way, sounds like something we need filling our bellies around here. Speaking of bellies, how are you feeling these days?

  2. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Have you tried any of the others on their site? They all sound so good! I will definitely try this one!

  3. alina – apple butter is more in the jam/preserves category. no butter and actually not too much sugar. this recipe is great because the cranberries have a lot of pectin in them so it doesn’t take long for the whole pot to thicken up. i read a few recipes for just apple butter and you had to cook them for hours and hours so they’d get thick enough.

    and i’m actually feeling much better these days. i told a friend today that i feel like the textbook case of pregnancy this time – feel horrible the first trimester and then by week 14, poof!, much better.

    nancy – swing on by and you can have one of my little bags of apple butter. again, why didn’t i halve it???

  4. Totally excited about making this…I already purchased all the ingredient and will make ASAP! Want to take some to Jeff and Jenny this weekend.
    See you tonite?

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