bears and bikes

oh, i love this.  if there ever is a time that i can gush on and on about how cute these two are it’s when they strap on their buddies and run and bike around the house.  and asher has this cute/funny little voice he uses to ask if bear is ok about every five seconds while wearing him.

if this keeps up i envision all of us grocery shopping with a baby or bear wrapped around us.


9 thoughts on “bears and bikes

  1. That is THE cutest thing ever. Just wait until the new baby comes and they start trying to nurse their bears. It will happen. And then you can start discussing male/female roles.

    1. omar did wear the boys but it bothered his neck/back with the pouch he had. for this baby, i plan on getting a “beco baby carrier” that you wear sort of like a front or back pack (but that doesn’t let their legs hang like in the baby bjorn). i think he’ll like that one more. just get adam a black sling…or camo. tell him i said it’s not sissy at all 😉

  2. Hi there, I like your blog a LOT! Just wondering if you made the slings the boys have or if you bought them?
    Btw i have 2 little boys and 1 baby girl and its wonderful! So thrilled for you as I KNOW that feeling :o)

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