wet cake

i don’t like:

1.  wet cake.  just the thought of pouring a liquid on a warm, freshly baked cake makes my stomach churn.  rum cake?  out.  most tiramisu recipes?  sorry.  and until yesterday i thought most “upside down cakes” were out, too.  they just look wet, right?  then omar decided to make city bakery apple-raspberry upside-down cake from a passion for baking.  oh my.  very good.  and wouldn’t you know that the soupy fruit mixture stayed separate from the cake and it was all very un-wet.  and the smell while baking?  a mixture of summer with the raspberries and christmas with the apples and cranberries.

2. bad coffee orders.  yesterday a woman walked up to the register at starbucks and ordered something along the lines of a large, decaf, skim milk, three splenda latte.  now that is one yucky drink.  in these situations i long to pull such people aside, begin a conversation with them about good fats and real sugar, and give them a book like planck’s real food.

i like:

1.  almond extract.  i believe you can add it to almost anything and it will make it ten times better.  next time it’s going into the above mentioned cake.

2.  saturday morning park visits with the boys while papi works.  elisha is quick to point out that his favorite part of the morning was the dunkin’ donuts stop before the park.


6 thoughts on “wet cake

  1. robyn – i was wondering if you’d made it!

    g.o.r. – ha! i think i would’ve sent that starbucks lady over the edge had i told her i drink whole milk drinks and eat doughnuts…and sometimes together.

  2. do you remember when i’d make “drop biscuits” during our study times (a la bisquick) and because i added almond extract they were edible. 🙂

    on sugar: i just found bulk cane sugar at a local grocer and was quite happy: can now get the good stuff for a little bit less…

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