books upon books

the boys are getting into books that i really enjoy reading and we’ve reached the stage of library fines hitting us because the kid books go missing in the strangest of places.  the boys’ current top picks:  anno’s counting book by mitsumasa anno (love this book), ox-cart man by donald hall, any and all books in the bear snores on series by karma wilson, and summer by gerda muller (asher is especially fond of the the beach pictures).

i hit a reading dry spell for a couple of months but i looked over at my book stack one day and realized it was interesting again.

completed: the school of essential ingredients by erica bauermeister, the devil in the white city by erik larson

almost there:  home cooking: a writer in the kitchen by laurie colwin, men and women in the church: building consensus on christian leadership by sarah sumner

to start: netherland by joseph o’neill


6 thoughts on “books upon books

  1. what do you think of sarah’s book? she’s pretty cool. do u remember that she was on tap to come to our little rts event but couldn’t make it?….we got c.j. instead. 😦

  2. I read Netherland last year… quite amazing for a book with such a loathesome narrator. I was spending a lot of time around 23rd St in Chelsea back then, sort of a (loveable) boulevard of freaks, which is where much of the book takes place. Felt like I was constantly walking onto the imaginary set of the movie adaptation of the novel.

    Then it really hit home when we moved to Ditmas Park and all the neighborhood Pakistani kids gathered on our street corner to play cricket in the summer. It was like the book was FOLLOWING me. So strange. And wonderful. Enjoy it!

  3. thanks for recommending – school of essential ingredients. i read in two days. i loved it. loved the food. loved the characters. i was sad when cooking class was over.

  4. Hey ya! Check out ND Wilson’s Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl. LOVED it and thought of you often ( I even mentioned it to your dad as one you’d like). On my bedside table is The Supper of the Lamb: A Culinary Reflection by Robert Farrar Capon. Seems to me to be another Kate book. BTW, found a great co-op in JAX for grains and such. I’m gearing up to grind wheat for bread. I’ll let you know how it goes;)

  5. i loved “Home Comforts.” and i was wondering if you had finished Sumner’s book yet. i keep picking it up and rereading sections, trying to really “get” what she is saying. my default settings keep sending me back to old ways of thinking. 🙂

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