these days

october 9 ::

asher turned two.  last year’s birthday was full of planned presents, homemade gifts, and thoughtful celebration.  this year i woke up, realized i hadn’t done a thing, rummaged through the closet and found some lincoln logs and put a bow on top.  then we went to cracker barrel.  asher probably enjoyed this year’s version more.  just ask the deer head over the cracker barrel fireplace.  halfway through breakfast asher turned around and started talking to it, excitedly telling it what he was eating.  happy twos, ashie.

october 16 ::

omar and i went to a wedding in miami that was held at the monastery of st. bernard de clairvaux (a cistercian monastery built in spain in the 12th century). i’m a bit fuzzy on some of the history, but in the 1920s, william randolph hearst decided to buy the cloisters of the place, dismantle it, and rebuild it in miami.  it is beautiful.  but not so beautiful when you’re pregnant, it’s beyond hot, the wedding starts one and a half hours late (no joke), the food is served over three hours later (again, no joke), and your present “condition” doesn’t allow you to drink away your hot and sweaty cares.

october 19 ::

i finished up my library stash of the bbc show mi-5. i find it interesting that the brits have no qualms in killing off/letting go of characters left and right.  losing characters is seemingly always a rare tragedy on most american shows.  and i also find it interesting that the token american character is always loud, brash, arrogant, and says things like “pal” a bit too often.  then again, if i was cast as a british character in an american show, i think i’d always try to find ways to insert the word “mobile” when referring to my phone.  it makes me giggle.

5 thoughts on “these days

  1. mobile, and the word “quite”. just for fun.

    oh, and about bernard, KATE, you know him! don’t yuo remember, frankie j’s history class–we read the CLOISTER book!??!!?!? okay, maybe all my caps DON’T help you remember, but i was reading about bernard when you took me to thanksgiving celebration with your lovely family in st. augustine. i’ll never forget it, it was so lovely. the time, not the class or the reading of course. 🙂

  2. Oh, how Owen loves the deer at cracker barrel! glad to know he’s not alone. By the way, I am impressed: you had unopened lincoln logs in your closet??? awesome!

  3. Happy birthday, Asher! I wish someone had made me a rockin’ birthday crown, though I’d never sit at the table topless with it on. Sounds like things are good with you, mama. Feeling well, I hope!

  4. kelli – oh yes, we remember. omar definitely had a “bernard stage” 😉

    kelly – the closet toy find was a bit unusual. omar had bought them awhile back but then realized the last thing we needed were more little toy pieces everywhere. so into the closet it went. and truth be told, it recently went back into the closet when we realized the boys weren’t quite into it yet and just wanted to “dump and run” with the box.

    lindsay – yes, getting a bit back to normal, though i could still go to bed at 8 each night and not stir till 7 the next morning. hopefully this phase will pass soon, too!

  5. Hi Sweetie! Surprise!! I just couldn’t let this post go without a comment. Little Asher wearing his crown and angelic pose with the birthday candles ablaze is just too much. Precious. How can it be that he is two? Yes, Happy Twos, Ashie. We love you.

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