plate optional

for some reason spaghetti carbonara popped into my head the other day. fortunately, i didn’t let my thoughts linger on it too long because if they had the carbonara would have been plunged into the dreaded pregnancy category of “dwelled on it too much now can’t stand the thought of it.”

it popped up again when i needed to make dinner and had few ingredients and little desire to do anything that took too much time or too many dishes.  i remembered that tyler florence’s tyler’s ultimate had a spaghetti carbonara recipe.  side note:  go get this book.  his overuse of words like awesome, brilliant, beautiful, amazing, and even ultimate irk me a bit (case in point – this carbonara is evidently the “ultimate” one), but the man has some wonderful recipes.  we’ve made multiple recipes multiple times – the sign of a good cookbook.

and the carbonara couldn’t have been easier.  boil some spaghetti.  saute an onion with a few slices of bacon and pour that into a bowl with whisked eggs, cream and parmesan.  dump the cooked spaghetti into the bowl and cover with a plate to let the eggies cook and five minutes later a great dish with only a saute pan and pot to clean.  i would’ve been perfectly content to cozy up to omar and eat straight from the bowl (the romantic situation made even more so by the absence of more plates to clean) but our little boys still resort to fingers about half way through dinner and i’ve seen where their hands have been.

seriously good stuff.


2 thoughts on “plate optional

  1. Kate, there have been 2 seasons of our marriage in which we had no dishwasher…during those years I would do anything I possibly could to reduce the # of dishes!!

    The spaghetti carbonara recipe sounds delicious!

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