pots of plants

well, omar obviously wasn’t content with a little pot of basil, so saturday we all ventured out and bought big barrels to start a small container garden.  poblanos, jalapenos, carrots, and some herbs to start with.  tomatoes are coming soon.  and some kind of contraption to keep out squirrels, rats, and iguanas (all of which like to hang on our deck) is in the works.

and the rats and squirrels are really the least of my worries.  the iguanas are bold and don’t just sneak out in the night or when we’re not around.  but even worse, we’re evidently not the only family making babies around here.  mr. and mrs. iguana are being fruitful and multiplying, too.  i think omar was shocked when he saw my anger burst out when i first caught one of the baby iguanas munching away on our hibiscus.  babies, people.  the other day someone found my blog by searching for “roast iguana.”  if you’re still reading, mystery searcher, do share any recipes you found.


4 thoughts on “pots of plants

  1. i feel a sense of shalom restored now that i have that rosemary as a point of reference for your garden rather than the charlie brown basil. i didn’t want to broach the topic, but since you brought it up. 🙂 lol.

    what a diverse little nation we have; my tomatoes are coming to the end of their growing cycle, with sunny october days just barely finishing them up before november frosts. while you guys are going to be getting tom’s soon! crazy.

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