many thanks for all the congrats.  life has been pretty slow lately.  my boys would probably say boring but i’m proud to say guilt from a 2 and 3 year old doesn’t bother me too much (wink).  seriously, they’ve been troopers and are loving their extra mrs. p time.  and i’ve been known to cave, almost daily, to an afternoon tv session.

the tiredness/weariness is the real kicker for me with pregnancy.  we had great plans for a garden this year.  now?  see above basil plant snatched from my in-laws’ yard.  i think that’s all the gardening i can handle.  i also had great plans for fall decorations.  but as i stood in front of all the corn and pumpkins and squash i let my mind wander and i thought that if i bought them, then i’d have to lug them home.  then i’d have to do something with them.  then i started thinking about dishes people make with squash and i’m not the biggest squash fan.  then the nausea kicked in and it was all down hill from there.  no decorations this year.

but on the flip side, i like to think that pregnancy makes me a bit more laid back about life in general.  like the house.  stacks of books and little boy shoes everywhere?  so what.  dishes in the sink?  whatever.  charred gecko on the bottom of the oven? why bother when it is already ash and would just make more of a mess if i tried to clean it up.

thankfully the weather seems to be a bit cooler out in the mornings so i can stand to be outside while not in the pool without losing it.  just this morning we even had the back door open for awhile and elisha wandered around out back and around the pool serenading our neighbors with a rather robust version of holy, holy, holy.  so sweet.  what is not so sweet is the same boy asking me multiple times a day whether we can see the baby yet.  this is going to be the longest pregnancy ever if he keeps that up.


6 thoughts on “garden-less

  1. Charred gecko = Eww

    I’m sorry you’re so worn out. Trade with me — I’ve been having the worst time sleeping. I have more energy than I know what to do with!

  2. I had a very similar squash/pumpkin staring-off-blankly-in-the-supermarket experience last week too. Too many options so I left with nothing. I’m sure I looked crazy to anybody watching.

    Karis’ favorite song is Holy, Holy, Holy these days too. She wants to sing it anytime, anyplace. Today it was in the waiting room at the doctors office. Awkward and cute.

    Glad you’re back at writing again, despite all the icky-ness.

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