a boy, some bread, and a bag

i’ve mentioned here before that i feel i transform into “ms. sunday school teacher” when i try to weave scripture into my words when i’m talking to my boys. i think i’m getting over that.  practice has made it less awkward.  but now i cringe when i realize i almost always use scripture when disciplining/correcting them. great.  i don’t think they’re connecting joy with what i’m teaching them.  i started rereading lou priolo’s “teach them diligently.”  one of his overarching themes is teaching scriptures in the milieu (life’s surroundings and circumstances).  this is pretty much the opposite of what i’ve been doing.  i’ve been reacting rather than being proactive in teaching and leading through scripture in all aspects of our days.  i love his use of the illustration of annie sullivan teaching helen keller her first word, “water,” while running her hands through it.  

Why did Helen leave that flower-covered well-house with a whole new attitude about life in general and learning in particular?  It was because she understood for the first time that what her mentor was trying to teach her had to do with life.  When she realized that the truth she was learning on one hand had to do with the things she was experiencing on the other hand, she became excited…she saw the relevancy of what she was learning to what she was experiencing.

relevancy.  love that word.  my poor boys probably thing the majority of the bible is only relevant to correcting yelling, sharing (or the lack of), pinching, and the occasional melt down.  working on it… 

and in the midst of my self-made parenting drama, i’ve got oven drama.  if you’re in the market for a new range and think that gas stovetop will make up for the lousy gas oven – walk away.  i’d take my slow as can be electric range for an electric oven any day.  the oven casualty count for the past 5 days is 2 recipes with a third rescued just before disaster.  evidently, if you put two cookie sheets in the oven and the temp is over 400, the oven gets overwhelmed and shoots up to 600 degrees.  that’s right.  six. hundred. degrees.  so long roasted potato salad and batch of granola.  the banana bread was salvaged, though.

no sewing drama.  there’s not actually been much sewing.  but i finally used my purl soho gift certificate so this anna maria horner fabric will soon be made into a birdie sling.  and if it goes off without a hitch, i’m hoping to splurge on some echino fabric and make up another one similar to this.  love it.

10 thoughts on “a boy, some bread, and a bag

  1. I love the birdie sling too. I get the whole “don’t beat your kid over the head with the Bible” dilemma. I want Karis to love the words of life in the Bible. We took her into church Sunday morning for the singing time (probably only the 3rd time ever) and she’s been singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” all week. I can’t wait for her to join us every Sunday.

  2. Do you recommend “Teaching Them Diligently”? Adam and I both grew up in houses where scripture wasn’t a part of daily life, and we could use some direction. Of course, it would be best if it was in the milieu of our daily lives already. Something we need to work on, I guess.

    Cute bag! I love sewing projects. 🙂

  3. I’m super excited about your sewing project — the birdie sling. I love the examples that you linked to in your post. I got a sewing machine for my birthday so you’ll have to teach me all your tricks! : )

  4. Yes, Scripture does get used with discipline, especially when talking about reconciliation, but I love to dwell on Genesis and Psalms when they are really young because of their fixation on animals and plants and our created world. I remember talking about God’s promises when seeing a spectacular rainbow once…”I set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth…”

    Then comes all of the personalities in the Bible and “issues” with other people… It’s amazing how God instructs us through His Word throughout our whole lives. And I know you’ll continue to use quotes and applications all the more as the Lord brings them to mind. 🙂

    As for the oven, we were given a gas oven in our newly renovated base house. It’s taking QUITE a bit of time to get use to it, never mind that we live close to 7000 feet above sea level! Always learning, aren’t we?

  5. What a yummy head of hair! I must come visit soon.

    Teaching scriptures in life’s surroundings and circumstances…hmmm. I’ve really got to work on that one. The girls are quite a bit older, but I guess it’s never to late, right?

    Regarding the gas stove top and oven, it’s not you. They are not the same as their counterparts. Basically, you need to learn how to cook on them. A pain, I know. Way back in a day, I actually destroyed an entire set of Pyrex-style pots and pans in less than a month. Better said, they exploded and spilled their contents all over the place, which at times ended up catching fire. New wife and cook, Pyrex, and a gas stove. Yep, it was a disaster waiting to happen. It’s all so clear to me now.

    Love the fabric. Got the Birdie Sling pattern weeks ago…no fabric yet. Current obsession–Amy’s Barcelona skirt. No patterm, no fabric there either. Sigh… Won’t be too long now. Edwin started repairing the flood-damaged scrapbook/craft room today! Yay!

  6. I’ve thought about this alot lately, too. It’s hard (but important!) to remember to talk to our kids about God as an everyday guide. P.S. I love the Anna Maria Horner fabric, too! Just finished a quilt top with it. I haven’t heard of the Birdie Sling…is that a baby sling? Maybe that’s why.

  7. I love Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics!! and I love her blog! You should listen to the craftsanity podcast in which she’s interviewed. She has a really great life story.

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