days of a week

tuesday – we drank the coffee omar roasted on sunday.  omar has a new hobby thanks to our friend tim who introduced us the world of sweet maria’s and roasting with an old school air popcorn popper – the poppery II (and it is complete with vintage tan and orange color scheme).  tim was kind enough to bestow omar with one of his three (!) poppers.  

on this day omar somehow misunderstood me when i told him i’d created a “raffi” pandora station for the boys.  he thought i told him i’d created a “rocky” station.  we laughed.  and then we created an “eye of the tiger” station.  and then i promptly deleted it.  

wednesday – i started this shirt.  t-shirt courtesy of target.  stencil courtesy of lena corwin.  technique courtesy of  alabama stitch book.  color scheme courtesy of the leftovers of elisha’s rooster shirt.  

thursday – i found out that there is indeed an original kilogram (is this something i should have learned in school??) and it might have lost a bit of weight therefore upsetting the whole world of measurement.  and it has only been handled 3 times since 1889 for fear of an ill-timed sneeze.  very interesting.  

friday – we ran errands upon errands.  asher flirted with old ladies at ikea.  elisha had a major meltdown due to missing a nap.  black bean soup and french bread made it all better.

saturday – i learned that the entire score of fiddler on the roof is going to be released.  but this version is going to be performed with latin arrangements. random?  perhaps, but i am quite excited.  i am a fan of musicals, jewish culture (i studied aspects of jewish architecture in school and, oddly enough, got on a reading kick a couple of years ago where i read several jewish-themed novels), and latin music.  maybe they’ll have a tour.


6 thoughts on “days of a week

  1. I hate to say that I might have to hide the coffee bean roasting idea from Lee, as I know he’d be inspired to delve into that. 😉 I’m afraid that his many other responsibilities and hobbies keep him quite busy already. He has already been perfecting his Alaskan amber beer and his mead…

  2. I went to a Christian college (Gordon? north of Boston? Heard of it?) and it was really big on Jewish culture. There was a sense of reverence for Jewish faith as a foundation for Christian faith. And every student had to read The Chosen by Potok. I love that author and have read most (I think?) of his work. And now I live in the neighborhoods that he wrote about. weird.

  3. robyn – very interesting. have you read lauren winner’s “mudhouse sabbath”? it’s about jewish practices/traditions that she missed once she became a christian. i think you’d like it. have you read any of her other books/articles?

  4. robyn – her most recent book is “real sex: the naked truth about chastity.” that, too, is good. her first book was a memoir about how she converted to orthodox judaism and then christianity – “girl meets god” – just don’t let that title and it’s cheesiness steer you away, it’s great.

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