my work ::  cutting paper, writing, printing on shirts, trying to figure out how to cover c. 1940s red naugahyde cushions, researching building a rain barrel

the boys’ work ::  flipping over the tricycle and “fixing it” in preparation for imaginary travels.  they are all about travel right now.  elisha understands the concept of visiting and going somewhere so every play situation involves going on an adventure.  just this morning we found him in asher’s crib.  he tells us he is in a boat.  the boat’s name is “jesus” and he is floating to “chicky-lay” (code for chick-fil-a).

dinner work ::  these tomatoes topped barefoot contessa’s mac & cheese.  the flavors were great but this was a baked mac & cheese recipe and i now know, after way too much time researching this, that almost all baked mac & cheese suffer from graininess.  many sites recommend just adding velveeta or kraft singles to the cheese mix but that’s just not going to happen here.  cook’s illustrated team to the rescue.  just mix the pasta with the cheese sauce (using a mixture of monterey jack in your cheese combo to help combat moisture problems that occur with all hard cheese recipes) in the pot, transfer to a baking dish, top with the topping of your choice (tomatoes and buttered bread crumbs were winners here) and broil for a couple of minutes.


7 thoughts on “working

  1. Thanks for the mac n cheese tips…I never make baked so I didn’t know about the graininess, but I do feel jealous when people have those toasty crumbs and things on top…I’ll have to try the broiler method.

  2. I have a mac and cheese bake recipe that my family begs for on their birthdays. I have never thought it as grainy, but it is fattening! I’ll e-mail you the recipe.

  3. My nephew calls it Chic-away. 🙂

    Interesting types of work going on around your house. Ours consists of school preparations, cleaning after having guests, and trying to get back into a sensible routine.

    Here’s to accomplishing the work the Lord has set before us with a glad heart! Have a wonderful week.

  4. yeah, the grainy texture IS a problem, huh…and so unpopular especially with the younger crowd. i made a homemade one with a little bit of reduced white wine (for a sort of fondue-esque quality) and my nephew said, “um, auntie, this is not the kind we like.” which was irritating but understandable! 🙂

    p.s. love the rain barrel idea. right now a plastic swimming pool is doing the trick, but it’s getting into buggy season now and the pool will soon be slimy, too.

    hmmm…let’s review our adjectives: grainy, nutty, and slimy. how did i get there from the contessa’s yummy mac and cheese???

  5. kelly – do you think he’d have to bring the bulletin for a free sandwich on sundays?…do they do that anymore?

    dede – send it!! just please tell me there is no velveeta 😉

    kelli – i couldn’t remember if it was you that had made the rain barrel but now i’m remembering you were looking into composter…

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