we don’t even HAVE cable

recently i’ve been getting asked the same question quite a bit – are you getting settled?  i know that most people that ask me this are probably thinking about whether i can find my way to a grocery store, post office, library (i think the fact that i’ve already acquired two library cards and have checked out over 15 items confirms i’m definitely “settled” in the library department), and if all our boxes are unpacked.  

but when i think about myself being settled, in my mind it can equate to feeling comfortable or safe.  not bad things, but when i start feeling my excitement about a new city and helping a new community that is quite broken and hurting in many ways, like all towns, die down i get a bit nervous.  everyday life can easily take over and concerns about getting a “to do” list done, finding my way around town, and dealing with kids become my reasons/excuses for not following up with things like the adult literacy program, community garden, getting to really know and develop friendships with neighbors, etc.  they become my sorry excuses for not being salt in my neighborhood and community.  my home is safe.  my church is safe.  

i’m actually quite thankful for the question.  it’s made me think.  since the moment omar and i decided to move here we’ve had a burden on our hearts to love the people of our town and work alongside them.  and i noticed that while i was quite involved in setting up a home and finding places for office supplies, linens, and skeins of yarn, i wasn’t exactly praying about finding avenues for developing relationships outside my home and church.  it’s like i was cocooning. and i think i kind of knew i was doing it.  my house seemed safe.  yesterday morning i prayed i’d be (gently) pushed outside my comfort zones.  

and sure enough yesterday made me realize how even being in your own home won’t shield you from frustrations, fears, and the need and beauty of knowing your neighbors.  yesterday morning the boys noticed a truck in front of our house and got all excited.  a little while later i noticed a guy kind of lurking around and a couple minutes later he knocked on the door.  what followed was the guy’s sorry routine as a supposed comcast employee who just needed to get in my yard. during the incident i kept wavering between freaking out and wanting to give the guy a few tips that might make his attempts a bit more believable.  later, the cops and my neighbors agreed that the guy had guts for scoping out a house so brazenly.  i come to find out my neighbors (one whom i hadn’t met) were watching and saw what happened and were also able to share some information with the police.  then the neighbors and i had a great discussion about looking out for each other and knowing one another in an area of town that tends to get hit with burglaries.   

and so i was indeed pushed.  and it made me realize how God can answer a prayer within hours (shady “comcast” guy episode breaking me out of my cocoon) or months (job search, ahem).


4 thoughts on “we don’t even HAVE cable

  1. I’ve been feeling a lot of the same you’ve described here, though my shaking up is coming in the form of teaching and having to find a new work/life balance on top of still getting used to being a mom. Sadly, I haven’t been doing much praying — I’ve been feeling a bit blocked — though I know it’s probably the best thing I could do. Being pushed outside of your comfort zone can just be so, um, uncomfortable, no?

    I’m glad your new neighbors are looking out for you and that you were safe during the Comcast guy debacle. Strange the things that draw people together.

    By the way, I mailed that package to you earlier this week. Did you get it yet?

  2. My goodness…drama already? Thankfully everything turned out well.

    I haven’t been praying for gentle pushes out of my comfort zone. I am already there. Instead of praying “get me out of here” prayers, I pray for His peace, which He has given me. And not only did He give me His peace, He even sent me an unexpected confirmation of the same via a close friend. Amazing, huh? God is good!

    On another note, did you pick up a copy of Soulemama’s Handmade Home? It’s excellent! If you haven’t, you’re going to LOVE it! Hey, it would make a nice housewarming gift! Perhaps a care package is in order. Let me know.

    Love to all.

  3. lindsay – burglars and hurricanes – they are what bring people together down here. and i understand the “blocked” aspect that occurs with prayer sometimes. and it’s during those times that my prayers are the simplest.

    sandra – good to hear from you. sounds like you are doing well! and i always love a care package, but i think this one you should deliver in person and see our new digs.

  4. Oh, creepy times, Kate!!! Good thinking on your part and great neighboring (new verb). I love when God answers those prayers in quick and unexpected ways. This post is well timed for my upcoming move…I’m praying I won’t cocoon, as well.

    Thanks for asking about the Nikon. It’s not home yet, but good news…it was apparently under extended warranty and they’re fixing it for free!!! So, so excited! A huge prayer answered.

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