5 year notes

at our wedding five years ago, we had a table where people could write us notes that we would open for on first year and fifth year anniversaries.  i saw the idea in a martha stewart magazine and thought i’d give people a task that i’m not sure even i would have completed.  my mind goes blank in those instances when a piece of paper or a card is put in front of me and i’m supposed to come up with something touching, tender, or witty.  

but evidently our family and friends are amazing and took the time to write us something.  we’ve saved the first year anniversary notes and during our recent five year celebration dinner we read the rest.  some were crazy, some were hilarious, and some were sweet and thoughtful.

my aunt wins for most practical – go get your ring setting checked.  our friend ryan wins the prize for most tender and kind words for both first and fifth anniversaries.  and miss 8-years-old-at-the-time elisabeth?  well, her note cracked us up.  our interpretation was either some kind of “mind ball of love” that we toss between ourselves or something having to do with babies.  not sure.   


3 thoughts on “5 year notes

  1. ryan’s was the most touching? i’m impressed (and shocked). he strikes me as the say-something-crazy sort. 🙂

    on the ball thing: i think maybe you got really mad at omie and hit him in the eye? maybe (in 8-yr-old logic) you didn’t share your ice cream with him and so, “straight to the moon!!!”?

  2. I love the note-writing for weddings! However, I happend to love that kind of thing. For my son’s wedding, I asked family members on both sides about what they never imagined they would be doing for “The Rest of of their LIfe (Sinatra) that brought them incredible joy and fashioned it into a poem. It’s on my blog. However, I came over here because I LOVED reading the link you provided about Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    I also like the style you use to communicate! It’s refreshing!

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