pops and a peek

elisha has discovered the beauty of a prize.  put your head under during swim class?  popsicle.  muster all your strength to try the potty?  popsicle.

and asher is just plain in love with them. 

and for those of you curious, here is one of the “finished” rooms in the house. please note the fireplace that is reminiscent of castle grayskull.  not really sure what the owner was going for there, but i’m sure we’ll be thanking him on those cold winter nights.  that or the grayskull-ness will just be emphasized with the flames burning bright and high and i’ll be creeped out even more.  and even though it is a bit small for you to see, our painting by a friend in miami helps temper the oddness.  

someday soon a rug or two will find its way in here.  and perhaps some curtains. wouldn’t you know that our rug bought less than a year ago was too big for this room.  sad.

i’m not sure the last time that i lived in a house with white walls, but i’m kind of enjoying it.  that or just the thought of painting and all that goes with it exhausts me and makes me think white is beautiful.


13 thoughts on “pops and a peek

  1. incredible floors, kate!

    and, uh, is that your pool? wow.

    oh, and the fireplace. it’s kind of mid-century meets modern meets the knights of the round table. i like it.

  2. The room looks great, Kate!! We’re in potty training world over here, too. It’s been crazy and at times I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but it’s great to see her getting the concept and feeling proud of herself.

  3. Beautiful floors! I grew up in an all white house…very soothing, I think. Of course, I’ve painted almost every wall in my house now (as has my mom since I’ve moved out!) and I like that, too.

  4. The house looks great, Kate! I’m so impressed with the fact that your all unpacked and settled in already. That’s got to be some kind of record! I’ve been meaning to call you to see when Ty and I can come up for a visit but didn’t want to interrupt your time with your parents. Are they still in town? Let me know when would be a good time for you. Oh, yeah, and we’ll definitely be bringing our swimsuits. Awesome pool! (like how I just totally invited ourselves and made it a swim date? — sorry about that!)

  5. well, thanks for all the kind words about our place!

    kel – knights of the round table – nice! that is indeed the pool and that particular picture makes it look extra pretty.

    alina – elisha and i are trying to work out our communication skillz with each on this whole thing 😉

    jax – it’s the earlier version, the kinderzeat, but i think it is the same thing but without the shoulder strap/harness part. i do love it. i put my boys in it once the could sit up. totally recommend it!

    peaceliving – very soothing and very cool feeling/seeming when it is stinking hot out.

    lindsay – i wasn’t so sure what i thought about having a pool before we moved in but now i’m loving it. and loving the fact that it wears my boys out.

    robyn – i thought the same thing this morning – pictures look great on white and with most art i don’t need to worry about the colors/frames as much.

    jennifer – anytime! i’ll call you soon.

  6. Lovely, just lovely! Tim commented on the fun chairs. We’re so happy for you to have things coming along smoothly. We had a super great time at your parent’s house today, btw. They’re wonderful people.

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