a swipe of chalkboard paint on a food jar so you can actually know what you put in it?  brilliant.  kudos to world market.

omar and i have been mourning the loss of our favorite miami french bakery. today i think we found a pretty good stand-in.  paris bakery impressed the whole family and the baguette was worth the drive.

check out this nyt article on The Illogic of Farm Subsidies, and Other Agricultural Truths.  after a few months of very little grocery shopping, i’ve been thrust back into the world of supermarkets and consumer decision making.  truthfully, not really glamorous stuff, but more and more it feels like i am picking up packages and products that are plastered with politicized slogans and language that can often seem misleading.  sumner’s insight into buying organic, local food, biofuels, and subsidized farming is well worth the read.


5 thoughts on “food

  1. gah. he makes me want to be an agroeconomist. what a great article. I like his reference to “Texas organic” meaning that they only spray pesticides at night; I’ve spent a lot of time puzzling over how someone could tell the difference between organic and conventional fruit before the labels go on… is there a little white truck visiting farms and testing for chemicals? Seems like the system would probably be fairly easy to work around.
    And I love your jars. Chalkboard paint is one of the smartest inventions…
    um, more pictures of the house, please.

  2. I’m sure you’ve read “In Defense of Food” but in case you haven’t, you should! I’m reading it right now and it is so fascinating!

  3. abbie – i thought the “texas organic” comment was a classic. glad you liked the article.

    peaceliving – i have read it. i’ve been wanting to reread that book and “the omnivore’s dilemma.” have you read that one, too?

  4. I’ve had the Omnivore’s Delimna on hold for a few weeks at the library…maybe I’ll be up soon.

    Thanks for the house pictures in the new post- wow! It looks like it came straight from a magazine (fireplace and all).

    Have you seen this:

    It’s peel and stick chalkboard adhesive that is reusable. You can cut them down to size and slap them on anything. Looks like you’d want to split a pack with someone (sort a big initial investment and a lot of chalkboard) but it seems fun!

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