three days on

meals have been eaten without boxes piled high around us.

elisha has said to me numerous times, “mama, i like your new house.”

asher has circled through the hall and kitchen looking quite frustrated and lost. figuring he was looking for his room i asked him, “asher, where are you going?” he replies, “where my toys?!”  i led him to his room and all was well.

pictures have been put on walls and curtains hung (!).

the pool has been neglected as it is stinking hot and omar and i are not sure how to clean it.  no worries – my dad and all his pool knowledge arrive in a couple of hours.

i have had my first boca raton (just south of us) shopping experience.  i kept thinking i was going to run into jerry seinfeld’s parents.  

i have had to face the reality that omar does indeed have to go to work each morning.  once again, i am outnumbered during the day.  hopefully we’ll hit our groove sooner than later.

5 thoughts on “three days on

  1. we still don’t have pictures on the wall. it has been a year. we don’t have curtains but in one room…. it has been a year . but we do know where the toys are…. everywhere!

  2. kathy – i think omar is shocked that there are pics on the wall. we lived in a place for 4 years and i think one thing got up on the walls before we left.

    dede – i’m quite in love with these chairs. they are from “design within reach” and were a crazy 50% off!! i’d been eyeing them for years and never thought they’d be in my price range, but i guess my obsessive online furniture hunting episode last week paid off 😉 you guys need to come visit!

  3. Good job! All that sure helps to feel at home – your home. Thank the Lord your dad can help w/the pool. Were it us in your shoes the water would become skankier by the day.
    Tim will love the shopping exp. comment. We’re big S. fans.

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