seen, heard, eaten

unfortunately, not much.  traveling south on i-95 in florida is perhaps most depressing because you know the only way out (that doesn’t take twice the time) is right back on the same road.  maybe that’s why people spend their whole lives in south florida – dislike of i-95?

lots of music – elisha’s song of the moment is sufjan stevens’ holy, holy, holy, and we’re actually quite impressed with how much of it he can sing.  fuzzy npr stations that come and go across state lines.  podcasts – when elisha hears the opening music to our podcasts of the splendid table, he usually cries out, “no! no! no!”  so we thought he just tuned it all out.  but then a caller asks about donut recipes and guess who starts pleading for donuts?  a little while later elisha thought he heard a caller say “elisha” when in reality the caller said, “luscious olives.”  but there was no convincing him.

i always have big plans for making fun and moderately healthy road food.  didn’t happen.  but on this trip we got to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law and her family for the best vietnamese food made by her mom.  so good.  and it made our cracker barrel dinner later that day just that much more pitiful. 


5 thoughts on “seen, heard, eaten

  1. Why, Miss Katie! We’re missing you guys already!! To honor you, I have a new batch of bread rising on mom’s kitchen counter. Four cups all purpose to two and a half white wheat. Very soon, you’ll making bread in your new kitchen!
    Hugs to the gang from our fam;)

  2. Kate,
    Glad you’ve survived the trip. I wish I’d have known you were passing by…I would have waited by the roadside with a homemade meal and drinks in hand, ready to hoist them in your window as you drove by.

    Hope the “settling in” part goes smoothly. Thinking of you guys…

  3. Elisha is a cool kid. 🙂 The little snipets you share of your boys make me hungry for Lily to be a bit older. I can’t wait to start learning who she’ll become!

    Oh, and Cracker Barrel — always a travel staple for us and, unfortunately, always gross.

  4. the only time i have gone to cracker barrel was when i was driving from orlando to north of seattle. i didn’t eat their food, but rather “rented” their books on tape. this entailed plunking my credit card down and picking a book, listening to said book on the road and then finding the next cracker barrel in order to switch out the completed book for a new one. it worked great, although i did find myself doubling back in utah in order not to have to return the last cd by mail. oh, and john grisham books are as deliciously predictable in listening form on the road in iowa as they are in reading form at the beach in florida. 🙂

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