i like how in the summer months time gets away from us and on nights like tonight we don’t eat dinner until later because we’ve been outside playing.  

probably because it is still light outside, the boys usually stay up for at least 45 minutes to an hour after we say goodnight, and they play and sing and talk.  omar and i know we could put them in separate rooms and let them get to sleep earlier but then they would be buddy-less.

winter, spring, summer :: every night for the past three seasons we have sung we three kings before we say good night.  actually, we’ve sung that song multiple times a day.  every.  day.

i have big ideas percolating in my head about strings of globe lights over our new patio so we can eat our fall and winter dinners outdoors.


3 thoughts on “night

  1. i bet you are enjoying how it does stay darker a little later…one thing i couldn’t get used to in orlando was that there were no late summer nights, at least not ones with light! (however, i did like that there were no sunsets at 5 pm in winter!).

  2. I love strings of lights on patios. As sad as we’ll be to see you guys go, I cam hardly wait to see what cool things you do with your new digs.

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