the politically incorrect drink of the day

omar came across a bunch of limes that needed to be used up, so i flipped open the computer to find a limeade recipe.  pretty standard stuff.  juice limes, stir in some sugar, add water and ice.  simple enough.  such a basic recipe that speaks for itself that most recipe writers didn’t even feel the need to gussy up the name. but then i came across “latin limeade” and wondered what in the world would make it latin.  so i clicked on the recipe.  and there was, yet again, a fairly standard recipe.  except with this one, the sugar called for was “dark brown.”  and accompanying it was a picture of a dark brown concoction.  

i giggled and told omar that this was indeed the drink for us.  

but i did make a couple of changes.  i opted for a lighter brown (though still on the dark side) cane sugar and tossed in some fresh ginger for a bit of a kick.  you know, because that’s how i like my latins.


3 thoughts on “the politically incorrect drink of the day

  1. nice! just so happens that we have a bag of limes in our fridge that need to be used and ray has a line item – “make limeade” on his to-do list for this weekend. i’ll be sure he gets this new latin version of the recipe! : )

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