north, yet still quite south

who:  omar (and family)
what:  got a job!!  he is now the official senior pastor of a church  
where:  lake worth, fl (about 60 miles north of miami).  yes, yes – it is still florida.                 but i’m ok with that.  (wink)
when:  we’ll be heading down in a couple of weeks
why:  to get out of my parents’ hair
house:  it’s beautiful.  and has a dishwasher (!) and a pool (!) and a 1/1 cottage out                 back (!)   

needless to say we’re excited and thankful and exhausted.  it’s been a bit of a crazy year, especially considering this house will be the fourth place we’ve lived in 12 months.  but we’re more than thrilled to be moving to a new town, forming new relationships, and seeing how God will grow us.


13 thoughts on “north, yet still quite south

  1. How exciting! Congrats to Omar on the new job. It sounds like you’re really happy with the direction things are taking.

    Maybe I’ll make you a skirt or a dress to wear in celebration. Or maybe I’ll just knit you a scarf. 😉

  2. Alright! That’s good news indeed , as getting a job now-a-days is always good news. And that’s a lovely house. How exciting! But, ya’ know, all those moves in such a short time are making you sound like a military family… 😉

  3. So awesome!! Glad you got the house! It looks so adorable. And a new job, new city, new church! Blessings through all the new, big changes!

  4. What a CUTE house! Congratulations to Omar! I mean, I was hoping it would be Houston or Austin, TX or something, but this is still great news. 🙂

  5. Kate!!! So exciting! Such a cute house. Can’t wait to hear about the details! And Logan and I can come swim with you and the boys!! Logan loves the pool!!

  6. thank you for all of the sweet and encouraging comments!

    caron – more importantly, the boys don’t need a new wardrobe. i could go on and on about the cheap beauty of wearing shorts and tshirts all year.

  7. So sorry if this is a duplicate comment…

    Congratulations and what a great house! It seems like you’ve made the most of your time at your parents and I envy all the projects you’ve accomplished. I don’t envy another move, but I can’t wait to see how you make your new house your own. It will be great to be settled!

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