back to boys

back at home.  but not before i got myself flagged for the no-fly list.  i didn’t want omar to be lonely.  fantastic. 

chubby arms hugged my neck a bit more than usual yesterday.  i told elisha that i missed him and he smiled and said, “i missed you, too, mama!”  melt.  i think the boys gained about 100 more words each while we were gone.

so now we wait for news about the job.  this time next week we should know for sure.  and while there isn’t much to do until we know more, there is indeed time to make banana bread and tomato tarts.

the banana bread?  eh.  it ended up being plain ole’ banana bread that i could take or leave.  but i think i feel that way about most banana bread – molly wizenberg’s banana, ginger, chocolate bread being an exception.

the tomato tart (from once upon a tart) is a favorite and we sneakily call it “pizza tart” for the boys. usually it doesn’t work, but tonight i was rather impressed by the amount of tomato, dijon, white cheddar “pizza” they ate.  

hopefully this time next month i’ll be baking subpar banana bread and tasty tomato tarts in my own kitchen.  we scored a beautiful house with all the important and glamorous things like a dishwasher, garbage disposal and a decent refrigerator (all sorely lacking in our previous home) and free of bothersome things like termites (quite present at our other place).


3 thoughts on “back to boys

  1. You’re not a banana bread fan?! I love it but we rarely make it. Bananas are in no way even remotely local around here so we rarely buy them, but when we do I LOVE a good banana bread, especially with mini chocolate chips and wrapped overnight to let it get super moist. Yum.

  2. Kate, I can’t wait until next week (to know for sure)! I am so excited about the prospect of you guys being back down here — even if it is an hour away! Can’t wait to hear more about the house, too. Is it the same one you were telling me about before you left? I am so glad things are moving along for you guys!

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