elisha walks around the house modeling and loving his rooster shirt.  it’s encouragement enough to keep on sewing.  this is the techno roll from the premier issue of stitch magazine.  an easy sew and a great home for all my electronic stuff while traveling.


i baked cookies for the boys and sneaked a few too many fingerfuls of buttercream icing.  the boys munched on cookies and asked me to read, yet again, their book of the moment – marjorie flack’s ask mr. bear.  they giggle at my animal reading voices, but when doing voices for animals, how does one make a sheep voice different from a goat voice?  and my bear voice, oddly enough, sounds strangely similar to my cow voice.

my dad brought home some wine and out of curiosity i looked it up on the internet to see what wine-folk rate it.  most of the reviews were favorable considering it is a bargain brand, but this one made me giggle…and roll my eyes:

Nose hits of Cherry-flavored cough drops. Hints of burned/charred and decomposing plums. Subtle hints of charcoal mixed with propane. Upon drinking i’m flooded with tastes I don’t appreciate. Seems like chicken poo ran thru a food processor with black licorice. Worst Merlot I’ve had.


hopefully it will consist of continuing to catch up with the latest mars hill audio.   while cookie baking i listened to william t. cavanaugh speak on freedom, property, desire, and community (from vol. 95) – a really interesting discussion that touched on the economic philosophy of  distributism (formulated in part by g.k. chesterton).  now i’m quite interested in reading more about this and companies like mondragon that were founded on such principles.


4 thoughts on “sat-ur-day

  1. As always, I love it! I am just about at the point of buying a sewing machine since my level of envy is getting out of hand! 🙂

  2. ugh! this is adorable. the fabric is enviable. where did you get it?! you need to open yourself an etsy shop lady. how do you find the time to do all this stuff?

  3. sandra – get thee to a sewing machine shop!

    meredith – as to doing all this stuff, it does help to be unemployed and on vacation 😉 the fabric is “amy butler.” you’d love her stuff. some other greats are “anna maria horner” and “heather ross.” so much great fabric out there!

    jenni – perhaps i will take a custom order 😉

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