a boy and his rooster shirt

a few months ago i made out like a bandit with a 40% off coupon at joann’s.  i purchased natalie chanin’s book Alabama Stitch Book: Projects and Stories Celebrating Hand-Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery for Contemporary Sustainable Style.  yesterday i made a little shirt for elisha and we’re both quite happy.  for lack of a more refined or eloquent word – her stuff rocks.

you gather up old t-shirts, stencil or paint away, stitch over the stenciled edges, attaching a piece of contrasting jersey underneath, then snip snip away in the middle of each section and voila, cool t-shirt.  this rooster stencil was in the book. and i was supposed to stitch and cut around every section but i used this as sort of a test run so picked a few sections to stitch around and cut out.  i’m loving this. and you leave the knots on the outside so it adds more interest to it.  

the book really is beautiful and has wonderful ideas for headbands, tablecloths, skirts, etc.  and chanin does such a great job explaining applique techniques, thread, stencils, and so much more.

more ideas are churning away in my head.  i love that this t-shirt uses one of my dad’s old castoffs, so i’m trying to think of ideas to incorporate more of family hand-me-downs.  

i think i decided to jump on this embroidery/stencil wagon when i was strolling through j.crew a few months back and was seeing embroidered t-shirts like these being sold for crazy high prices.  “i could do that…” i kept saying while walking through the clothes.  now i guess the real test would be to make something i would wear outside of the house.  


10 thoughts on “a boy and his rooster shirt

  1. Kate, Do you realiza that you have the same talents that Mimi showed us growing up? She made many Halloween costumes, Easter dresses and what talent when it came to Valentine boxes to take to school to exchange cards! I didn’t inherit any of her craftiness! I wish! Love to the whole family & you’re in our prayers!

  2. I’ve been doing some freezer paper stenciling lately and this would be the next big step…it looks great!

  3. Kate, I just borrowed this book from the library a few weeks ago but was (obviously) not prepared to do any of the crafts. They are pretty awesome, though, and I might get my hands on that book again when things settle down.

    Great job with this! 🙂

  4. Wow! I love it! I must check out the book. By the way, thanks again for Real Food by Nina Planck. I read it on the way to Berlin, while here now, and plan to read on the plane back come Sunday. Oh…got ideas running through my head–namely cleaning out the pantry and fridge! Love you guys!

  5. thanks for all the rooster compliments.

    kelly – once we get settled i’m hoping to have a space where i can start seriously thinking about selling some things…kind of exciting!

    lindsay – lily is a great size to do some practice projects on. i was a bit overwhelmed when i thought of making an adult sized shirt with all of that stitching.

    sandra – so glad you like the book. as to cleaning out the pantry/fridge, i did the same thing after reading up on all of this stuff.

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